Welcome to Daily Youtube Video Bonus

We Showers Love to Welcome Our Lovely Users

As per our users demands, We introduce a new features in our websit https://www.coinzibra.com

Now, you can earn money by making youtube video for our website. Per Video $0.1

Please follow below steps for creating a youtube video.

Step 1 - Minimum 1000 Subscribers must have on your youtube channel to part in this section.

Step 2 - You need to explain all features of our website with live example like Faucetclaim, PTC ads, Shortlinks, Dice, Lottery and achievements.

Step 3 - You need to show live payment proofs in youtube video.

Step 4 - Min Video length is 3 min.

Step 5 - When you upload your video on your youtube channel you need to give us following information on e-mail "admin@coinzibra.com"

1) Youtube Video Link 2) Your Youtube Channel Name 3) Coinzibra Username

Step 6 - After Manual verification, we send you $0.1 dollar to your coinzibra withdrawal balance. you can withdrawal it any time.

Step 7 - You can make video on daily basis and get rewarded by us daily basis.

Step 8 - Don't send your youtube video link again which is already paid by us.

"Don't Do - Don't send others youtube video link. You may have risk to getting Ban"